Short Term Needs

Our short term needs right now are:

Spare Masks

Even though we are asking for everyone to mask, it happens that someone forgets. We will try to have something to provide, but help having Quality Masks will help us in this short season we have for Robotics. If sickness takes our teams out we will be behind and put our kids at a disadvantage.

  • youth size (6-12 year old)
  • medium-adult size for larger kids

Cleaning Wipes

  • to help wipe down tables
  • or as we found last year baby wipes worked really well to clean the wheels for the Spike bots wheels when they accumulated dust/dirt and needed to regain traction

Writing Implements

  • Markers
  • Pencils


Drawing Notebooks or Drawing Paper

  • It might be ideal to have a notebook that had a spiral at the top for each team but we will not be picky

Poster Boards

  • These can allow teams to brainstorm in a larger space than a piece of paper.


  • can help with brainstorming and labeling during the season